About AVK Philippines, Inc.

From having a licensed partner in the mid-1900s, AVK Philippines Inc. incorporated into a trading company in 1998 into what it is today. AVK Philippines started from a small trading company with the vision of the chairman to supply quality valves in the water industry all over the country. Initially supplying DANIDA financed loans (a Danish financing agency) of quality gate valves and fittings to numerous local water districts, and Australian financed (Austaid) projects also with local water districts. Then AVK Philippines started to supply the quality valves and fittings to the two Metro Manila water concessionaires in their maintenance and rehabilitation programs.

In 2004, AVK Philippines started the build-up of its manpower compliment geared towards the nationwide coverage in all aspects of the water industry. Simultaneously, a nationwide campaign was also set-up in the marketing and technical promotions of making AVK a byword in the water supply industry. This was seen in many tender documents prepared by AVK clients putting AVK specifications in the tender documents without naming the brand name.

Some of the highlights of the technical promotions done were water supply projects such as the following:

  • The supply of DN600 butterfly valves and check valves to the first bulk water supply project in Cagayan de oro city
  • The supply of DN 1200 and DN1400 Free discharge valves and gate valves to the Angat Dam rehabilitation project
  • The supply of DN 1800 butterfly valves to the Maynilad water expansion program to the Cavite areas 
  • The supply of DN 400 butterfly valves to the submarine water supply project from Malay island to Boracay island 
  • The supply of hundreds or Gate valves to the Cagayan de Oro NRW project 
  • The supply of Valves and fitting for the first District cooling system in Alabang area.

The list continues as some more prestigious projects are in the list and in the pipelines.