Swing check valves

AVK swing check valves are available in DN50-DN1000 and feature full bore and low head loss, as well as easy access to maintenance and has a great durability. The swing check valves can be installed in both horizontal and vertical positions.

AVK offers wide range of swing check valves such as:

Swing check valve with lever and weight or lever and spring

It is used for installations with an insignificant risk of water hammer, but the minimizing of head loss is important. The lever is also useful as an indicator of the valve disc position. The valve is suitable for horizontal and vertical installations.

When installing a swing check valve, it's crucial to understand that maintenance is still required because the disc needs to be cleaned sometimes. In addition, a lever is frequently installed to allow for visual inspection. Swing check valves are therefore frequently fitted in areas where people are present.

Swing check valve with external lever and weight plus limit switch

The check valve is cam operated with IP66 limit switch. Mechanical roller plunger that makes it simple to adjust the cam to any desired position. Cage clamp terminals that require no maintenance and are resistant to vibration.

Resilient seated disc with stainless hinge

The valve is ideal for installation in the horizontal position and used where there is an insignificant risk of water hammer. This design features a distinctly low head loss and is used in installations where the dry matter percentage is max. 10%. Optimum sealing at not less than 0.5 bar pressure. The valve is suitable for underground installation.

Large diameter metal seated check valve

This valve is ideal for water and sewerage applications and suitable for temperatures up to 70 °C. The body, bonnet, hinge, and metal seated disc are all constructed with high grade Ductile iron to EN 1563, EN-GJS-500-7. The seat is aluminum bronze.

Feature summary

  • Full bore ensures low head loss when fully open
  • Full bore prevents pressure loss allowing maximum utilization of pump capacity
  • Bonnet/disc design gives easy access to maintenance
  • Fully rubber coated disc prevents corrosion and ensures drip-tight closure and long life
  • Light-weight disc requires a minimum of force to open and close the valve
  • The disc is mounted in a nylon bushing, which allows it to move slightly both horizontally and vertically to close completely tight also in case of minor impurities in the seat
  • Hinge tightened around the shaft with bolts to eliminate play and thus ensure durability
  • Ductile iron epoxy coated to DIN 30677-2
  • Available with or without lever and weight
  • Other options available complete with limit switch
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