Wastewater collection

Usually, wastewater collection is conducted by using gravity to lead the water from domestic households and the industry, to wastewater treatment plants through pumping stations.

There are two main ways of collecting wastewater. Collection is conducted through systems with either combined or separated sewers for rainwater and wastewater. In a system with combined sewers, wastewater from private households and companies is collected through the same pipe as rainwater. However, many new collection systems provide the option of separate sewers for rainwater and wastewater.

Rainwater is collected in sewers and is either led directly to pumping stations or to storage tanks where it is later on combined with the wastewater. As the amount of rainwater is unpredictable, it may be necessary to store rainwater either in basins or in stormwater tanks inside the treatment plant. Doing so makes it easier to control the flow of rainwater as it is combined with the wastewater.

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