Angat Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant

In the middle of 2009, we started the promotion of our Free discharge valve to the Angat hydroelectric power Plant. During that time the DN 1200 FDV which was installed was Hitachi brand coming from China and was already non-functional.

We started with the studying of the FDV specifications of Glenfield as compared to the specifications in the market, specially the Chinese manufactured brands. The advantages of Glenfield against the others.

Since the project was for the common purpose facilities of Manila Water and Maynilad water, we need to separately promote our products to the two water utilities and finally to the end user, Angat Dam. This dam supplies the drinking water to the whole Metro Manila area.

To further enhance advantage of Glenfield against competition, We imported Engr. Sam Gilbert, the Technical manager of Glenfield with more than 30 years of experience in Dams and reservoirs.

Both Sam and I insisted that in the technical specification prepared for the tender, they must put molded part and not fabricated. That was the big advantage of Glenfield FDV against competition. This was concurred to by the Angat dam Plant Manager Engr. Rody German. 

With this specification, we narrowed the fight against a Spanish brand FDV. 

The request for tender included not only 0ne FDV but two FDV’s with sizes 1200 and 1400. This also included parallel faced gate valves DN1200 and DN1400. 

All are now installed in the Angat Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant.