Tagum bulk water projects

Tagum bulk water projects: AVK Philippines Inc. delivered a butterfly valve to ASCOF Construction Inc, for Tagum Bulk Water Supply.

AVK Philippines Inc. delivered numerous AVK products including the following items; Ball Check Valve DN50 to DN65, Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve DN100 up to DN700, EXP JNT SGL Sphere DN80 up to DN400, ISO BS GGG DN100, Resillient Seated Gate Valve DN65 up to DN300, Check Valve DN100 & DN150, Metal Seated Check Valve DN350 & DN400 and Extension Spindle for the project of Tagum Bulk Water Supply.

ASCOF Construction Inc. was one of the constructors for the project of Tagum Bulk Water Supply to augment the supply of water, expand services to other barangays, and to avoid depletion and preserve the aquifer by utilizing as source the ground water. Moreover, the project also aims to improve water quality, provide round the clock water supply, and achieve ideal water pressure.

The project involves the construction of a water treatment plant that has a capacity of 38,000 cubic meters per day, a treated water transmission pipeline, a treated water reservoir that has a 5,000 cubic meter capacity, booster pumps, standby generator sets, and bulk water metering systems at off-take point.

In the year of 2016, AVK Philippines Inc, started to deliver a valves for this project and we keep on supplied up to last year when the project was end of contract to ASCOF Construction Inc.

Up to date we keep on supplied a valve for the ASCOF Construction Inc. for their upcoming contracts.

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