Chemical Processing

Products and solutions for demanding environments

The chemical processing field covers a large number of applications such as;

  • Chemical production and distribution
  • Surface treatment (metal and plastics)
  • Petrochemical (refinery and plastic conversion)
  • Bio fuels (ethanol, diesel and methane)

These are highly demanding environments that command safety and reliability. AVK Industrial valves meet all relevant standards and come with any type of certificate you may specify and require.

Below are listed the AVK Industrial Valve companies that can assist in providing your chemical industry solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

Asia Pacific Region

One of the world’s largest Chemical companies Formosa Plasic is now a major customer of AVK Industrial in Taiwan with products, from InterApp (Bianca) and Wouter Witzel, used in in the production of plasticine pellets, desalination and multiple other applications.