Power Generation

Durability and high performance in Power generation

AVK Philippines’ Industrial solutions are used and proven Worldwide, for key valve applications in Power Plants. We deliver strong durable products meeting the standards, approvals, performance and quality required in your power plant. Strong application areas include thermal power plants, geothermal power plants and Dams and Hydro Power operations. Thermal plant applications include cooling water management, steam turbine desuperheaters, coal blast flow control, fly ash management, and exhaust gas desulfurization, Geothermal solutions cover high and medium temperature flow and hydro power solutions as well as solutions on dam flow management and turbine flow support.

The AVK Group’s Industry valve manufacturing companies, offers valves for specific areas in power generating plants. The products are offered through AVK Philippines to appointed distributors for specialized segments. The AVK Group has generated years of experience within design, development, and production of valves for the power generating industry.

All products are tested and approved before delivery, and full documentation, material certificates, installation and maintenance instructions are available for each product supplied. Many of the products are designed and produced for maintenance-free use, and for products where regular maintenance is required, the design is focused on easy maintenance and service.

Below are listed the core AVK Industrial companies relevant to Power Plants. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.


AVK Philippines have successfully supplied Orbinox Knife Gate valves as well as both butterfly valves and ball valves to the Cebu Energy Development Corporation (CEDC).

Through this valve it’s helping to stabilize the power supply at Cebu.  Also, the Cebuanos witnessed the advent of rapid economic development, particularly in the areas of tourism, shipbuilding, retail shopping, and other major industries.

In addition Toledo Power Company a key supporter for the economic activities in Western Cebu has installed multiple AVK butterfly valves in their plant to help the development of mining and ship-building industries.