District Cooling & Heating

For residential and commercial cooling and heating systems

AVK Philippines can supply a range of valves, gears and actuators for district cooling and heating systems and for your HVAC requirements.

The products are distinguished by robust design, corrosive resistance, minimum condensation and long, maintenance-free life. Our valves can be used in all applications both within and outside the buildings.

In the district cooling and heating process, automation is of the utmost importance, and an important component of the valve is the actuator. Besides manual operation by means of a lever or gear unit, the AVK group of companies offer a wide range of automatic actuators and accessories such as limit switches, regulating valves and positioners. 

Below are listed the AVK Industrial companies that can be contacted for further information. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

Filinvest Alabang District Cooling is the first cooling district in The Philippines

MODAIR MANILA CO. LTD., INC as the contractor of Filinvest Alabang District Cooling, chose AVK Philippinesto supply valves and HVAC valves for the projects of FILINVEST Alabang District Cooling, the first largest cooling district in the Philippines. 

FILINVEST Alabang District Cooling projects is the centralized cooling system that will supply 420, 000 square meters of office buildings with clean, cooling energy.

AVK Philippines has supplied Wafer Butterfly Valves up to DN800, Gate Valves, Rubber Flex DN450 valves, Y-Strainers, Manual Balancing valves and Silent Check Valves to FILINVEST Alabang.