AVK Group products can be found on board any type of ship

The global marine and shipbuilding industry are highly specialized areas of business – dominated by a strict requirement to meet high safety standards on Lloyds and International Maritime Organisation. It is known for its large number of Scandinavian and northern European suppliers with exclusive expertise. Valves and actuators from AVK Industrial Group companies can be found in all places on board any type of ship, wherever critical applications demand to meet the standards of safety at sea and a maximum reliability.

Quality is guaranteed by numerous international product certificates and approved manufacturing survey arrangements. Possible applications include ballast and bilge systems, cargo, dredging, cooling water, inert gas, hull valves, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) the demand for scrubber desulphurization and compressed air. AVK Industrial products meet the high marine standards and come provided with the type of certificate required.

Below are listed the AVK Industrial Valve companies that are relevant in the Marine segment. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

Asia Pacific Region

AVK Hong Kong and AVK China have done very extensive projects with Shipyards or Shipowners, including very large VLFS production platforms with hundreds of specialized Wouter Witzel and World Valve products supplied to the Chinese, Japanese, South Korean and Singaporean Shipbuilding industry.

Special application includes the largest vessel build by the Daewoo shipyard – Peter Schelte – which included 4 pcs DN 2200 drop valve – specialized butterfly valves were also supplied and specially adjusted by Wouter Witzel.