InterApp for High-quality Valves and Actuators

InterApp is a leading valve company with own manufacturing.

InterApp is an international company since 1969 with more than 50 years of experience. They are the leading company of valves who is also known to manufacture its own product. InterApp is the expert and most reliable provider of a wide range industrial applications and projects. They are known most particularly in developing and manufacturing of PTFE-lined and elastomer-line butterfly valves around the world.

InterApp provides you a quality services with the big help of its organization starting from the production team up to its internal product and project experts. All of them are involved to come up with a high-quality valves and actuators for our industrial use.

All InterApp products are very-well manufactured because we stand for the safety and reliability of not just the product but most especially of our services based on the demand of the industries such as water treatment, power generation, chemical process, bulk handling, air separation, steel industry and life science.

InterApp core products such as: Bianca, Desponia® and Desponia® Plus butterfly valves are available with different body type, materials, and accessories according to how it will be applied.