Dams and Reservoirs

Advanced solutions for projects around the world

The historical basis for first valve requirements for humans, and a strong part of AVK’s own expertise come from Dams & Reservoir requirements and has been the basis for Water Engineering through time – initially pioneered by Glenfield Engineering of Scotland in the 19th century. AVK acquired Glenfield with all the know-how and product portfolio early this century.

With the acquisition of Orbinox in 2010 AVK Group solidified its supply capability to the demanding Industry, now offering a complete and comprehensive service offer.

AVK Philippines - Industrial Valves can now supply large diameter valves such as knife gate valves, gate valves and butterfly valves, special non-slam check and recoil valves as well as proven and most reliable range of submerged discharge and free discharge valves.

Below listed are the AVK Industrial Valve companies that are relevant to your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

AVK Philippines supplies Angat Dam Projects

AVK Philippines has supplied two DN 1200 and two DN1400 Free Discharged Valve (FDV) from AVK Glenfield and Gate Valve to Angat Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant. The project in Angat Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant helped improve the water services to the whole of Metro Manila and nearby provinces in cooperation with the exclusive providers of water and used water services; Manila Water Company Inc. and Maynilad Water Services Inc, with these two big companies supporting a joint venture for this projects. 

The Manila Water Company Inc. and Maynilad Water Services Inc. chose AVK Philippines as their supplier for the Angat Dam project.


Dams, Reservoir and Hydropower Solutions

Get a complete overview of AVK Valves application for Dams, Reservoir and Hydropower Solution
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