New Industry brochure

AVK Industrial Valve Philippines releases owned local industrial brochure of valves mainly for application of Power Generation, Pulp and paper, oil and gas, dams, reservoir and hydropower, chemical processing, life science, mining and slurry, marine, steel etc. 22-08-2023


AVK Group’s Industrial service offer represents a combination of years of experience and competence within core industries, and is made strong by trusted brands, application knowledge and expertise within industrial automation.

AVK Industrial in Philippines is ready to serve your day-to-day inquiries and production needs and to be your preferred partner in projects. Our brands and service offer represent the acquisition over the years, of the “Best of Piers” within Industrial applications, and we have retained the Brand names and each company’s integrity to ensure a continued strengthening of the respective areas of expertise. Each of these companies, and their respective component partners, has great experience in providing customized complete valves and accessories solutions. The AVK Group’s Industrial Division consists of Orbinox, InterApp, Wouter Witzel, Glenfield, OMV Indoil, Flonidan, TECArtec and I.C. Valves. They offer a comprehensive product range and advanced technology solutions each in their own specialized industry segment - under their own strong brand names. Industrial valves and big valves require to many applications such as: Power Generation, Dams and reservoir, Hydropower, Water treatment plants, Life science, Mining and slurry, marine, steel, pulp and paper and oil and gas application.

As AVK Philippines became one of the best-known suppliers of valves to water districts and water utility companies, it has also began introducing the HVAC and Industrial Segment in the market. AVK Philippines started to supply bulk orders of general valves, motorized valves and hydraulic valves used in building services with its brand named ICV - one of the dedicated members of AVK Group. AVK Philippines take part on big projects of building data centers inside and outside of Metro Manila. As years goes by, AVK Philippines have gain its pace within HVAC business segment and will continuously developed and promote AVK Group valves for industrial solutions.


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