New InterLink: December 2023 edition

Expect stories from the AVK World: Read about some of the latest projects, initiatives, and business highlights from across the AVK Group.šŸŒ 18-12-2023

AVK has been actively doing its part for the sustainability and environmental efforts that you can witness in our InterLink, where you can have insights of all activity and projects we've been deeply involved throughout the year. And even the company updates where AVK acquired 100% interest of Bayard and Belgicast - the new addition to the AVK Group of companies.

In this edition, we also highlighted the significance of participating in the water events and exhibitions showcasing AVK capabilities in providing water solutions. And giving support to our clients for a better understanding of AVK Total Valve solutions through Product trainings.

AVK proudly presents accomplishments at this latest interlink edition/final edition for the year 2023. 

May you always look forward more reports and good news from the AVK Group.

Download your own copy of our magazine below. Enjoy reading!


InterLink no. 64