DN1200 for Resilient GV

Resilient seated flange gate valves are now also available in size DN1200. 23-05-2023

We have added DN1200 to our wide range of resilient seated flange gate valves with face-to-face dimension according to EN 558-14/ DIN F4.

The new DN1200 gate valves are offered in both PN10 and PN16 with and without by-pass. The valves have a stainless-steel stem with a 1.4021 diameter and an F25 actuator flange for installing a gearbox or an electronic actuator. 

The new dimension includes the renowned wedge design from AVK, with a fixed integrated wedge nut, completely EPDM rubber vulcanized wedge and wedge shoes, and a removable gland flange for under-pressure replacement of bearings and seals. Additionally, it has built-in lifting eyes for simple handling, a 3/4" connection connector for installing or venting an air valve, and detachable coverings at the bottom for flushing the wedge rail.

See our short animation below.


Resilient seated gate valve in DN1200

Get a brief introduction to the design of our new of resilient seated gate valve DN1200