New InterLink: March 2023 edition.

Expect stories from the AVK World: Read about some of the latest projects, initiatives and business highlights from across the AVK Group. 💧 31-03-2023

AVK is deeply involved in water management and infrastructure, which can be seen clearly especially in this new interlink edition. As we all know, water has a huge impact on a lot of aspects and challenges in our daily lives, such as the production of energy and food, which you can also read more at this edition.

Fortunately, policymakers and decision-makers are paying more attention to how important water is. Maybe because it is becoming more and more obvious how much we are competing for the limited freshwater needed to support agriculture, food production, industry and the world's 8 billion people's need for drinking water.

And the same amount will have to cover all the people added to our world population every year, along with all the brilliant, water-consuming ideas we will get.

Interlink will show you how AVK continuously develops and provide solutions on our business segments. 

Happy reading! 📖🔍


InterLink No. 62