New InterLink: December 2022 edition

Expect stories from the AVK World: Read about some of the latest projects, initiatives, and business highlights from across the AVK Group šŸŒŽ 22-12-2022

We have already seen the impact of water on the world’s supply challenges. Most importantly that the water supply depends on energy while the energy extraction and generation require water. – and the demand for both is increasing.

Conventional power plants consume large amount of water for cooling. If the plant is located near the coast, seawater is usually utilized for cooling process, but if not, freshwater must be sourced, which often means it must be taken from other areas where it is needed, like for example in drinking water purposes.

The extensive use of nuclear energy has been a topic in the context of the current energy crisis, as the process does not add in any C02 emissions. However, what is not often mentioned is the large amount of water used for cooling. Have you all seen pictures of those iconic, cone-shaped steam towers? It is estimated by meteorologist that it will take approximately 100 years for the evaporated water to be returned to us in the form of rain.

These are some topics you will find interest to read about in this new released edition of AVK Group’s chain journal/ InterLink. Have a read about some of the latest projects, cases and business highlights from across the AVK world.

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